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Arcon supplies a range of continuous in-line furnaces for High Carbon Patenting and Quenching, Low Carbon Annealing, Stress Relieving, Thermal Diffusion and Tempering. Each one is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers specific production environment.


Fluidbed Furnaces Lead Furnaces Oil Tempering Lines
Direct Fired Furnace   Muffle and Tube Furnace





FastHeat Fluidbed      FastHeat Fluid Bed

Incorporating the latest in fluidisation and combustion technologies, Arcon supplies Fluidbed Furnaces that are at the technological edge of furnace design.


In the fluidbed multiple strands of continuous steel wire are heated by passing horizontally through a bed of fluidised aluminum oxide particles. Air and gas are introduced in the bottom of the bed through a double distribution network. Combustion occurs within the bed, providing rapid heat-transfer to the sand particles and wires. The bed is contained between corrugated retort walls of high nickel alloy steel that are specially designed to withstand the stresses of thermal cycling.

Layers of ceramic fibre material are used to insulate the outside wall of the Fluidbed, providing a low skin temperature and efficient operation. The furnace frame is constructed of welded structural steel sections and heavy gauge panels. Each fluidbed is custom-designed to suit production requirements.



Arcon supplies fluidbeds that are designed for high wire speeds with optimum air and gas flow rates. The development of a labyrinth seal threading slot eliminates the maintenance and heat loss costs associated with "curtain" style fluidbed designs.

The new injected fuel system permits the use of a variety of gasses, while eliminating flashback problems. Even fluidisation is assured through a specially designed air distribution manifold that replaces the costly and maintenance-prone tiles of older designs.



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Lead Quench  Lead Quench




Arcon supplies lead annealing furnaces that are fired in multiple zones to produce a uniform temperature and fast heat-transfer to the wires. A fume extraction system and optional covers are available in order to minimise environmental impact and increase safety.



  • High wire speeds
  • Low capital cost
  • Individual burner flame safety
  • High combustion turn-down ratio
  • Gas, Oil and Dual fuel capability
  • Heated discharge wiping chute
  • Double pan lead annealing furnace





The lead quench furnaces use liquid metal pumps to dissipate heat from the quench zone. This energy-saving feature reduces heat input throughout the length of the bath by continuously re-circulating the lead from hot to colder areas of the furnace. Additional cooling is provided by controlled forced air flow through submersed cooling tubes. The bottom firing burners provide heat input for start-up and for low production situations. The quench furnace is also equipped with two heavy duty sinker mechanisms and a state-of-the art combustion and control system.



  • Rapid wire quenching
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Heated discharge wiping chute
  • Heavy duty sinkers
  • Individual burner flame safety
  • Gas, Oil and Dual fuel capability





Oil Quench      Oil Tempering Line


Arcon supplies Oil Tempering Lines that typically incorporate an Austenitising Furnace, Quenching System (oil or water based), Wiping System, Tempering Furnace, followed by Cooling and Coating equipment. Arcon can supply Austenitising Furnaces that are either Direct Fired, Fluidbed or Muffle Tube for atmosphere control. Following this heating section, the wires are rapidly quenched in a cooling medium. This equipment can use either mineral-based oil or water-based polymer quenchants which are temperature controlled and re-circulated through a cooling heat-exchanger and filters. After wiping, the wires enter the Fluidbed Tempering Furnace, although a Lead Furnace can also be used.





Direct Fired Furnace Arcon supplies Direct Fired Furnaces built for the continuous in-line austenitising or annealing of multiple wire strands. High velocity burners are mounted along both sides of the furnaces in a staggered pattern that produces excellent temperature uniformity. The patented "Pressure Feedback Signal" combustion system gives a high turn-down ratio and efficient multiple burner control.


In order to guarantee a long furnace life, several layers of high quality refractory are used to line the furnace, ensuring efficient operation and a low skin temperature for operator safety. The furnace shell is divided into modular units constructed of robust welded steel with bolted flanges.




Muffle Tube Furnace

The Muffle Furnace austenitises or anneals multiple wire strands in a protective environment eliminating most scale formation. The furnaces are heated by high velocity burners mounted along both sides in a staggered pattern which fire both above and below the tube field. Providing excellent heat transfer and good temperature uniformity, the burners are controlled by the patented "Pressure Feedback Signal" combustion system.



  • Protective atmosphere
  • Special alloy stainless steel muffle tubes 
  • Individual burner flame safety
  • Push button burner ignition
  • Gas, oil and dual fuel capability