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Pneumatic Transport and Injection

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The non-ferrous industry has many transportation needs where Clyde Material Handling's solutions are ideally suited.  Clyde's series of pneumatic conveying and injection solutions are used across the non-ferrous arena including copper, nickel, zinc, tin, lead, aluminium and platinum applications and include processes such as Flash, TSL, Mitsubishi, bath converter, Anode furnaces, aluminium pot lines and carbon houses.



  • Greater accuracy of material feed into copper smelting processes
  • 50% increase in bath smelter handling capacity per day by offering process stability
  • Improved efficiency of smelting process - generating millions of dollars in additional
  • 3% increase in overall bath smelter system availability
  • 6% increase in injection system availability on bath smelters
  • Dramatic reduction in system downtime - 15 days of additional production
        generated per annum
  • Recovery of high value materials from process and recycled materials added to
        process through environmentally sound injection



Clyde Materials Handling's pneumatic conveying solutions are able to transport various materials in an unrestricted, controlled and continuous manner at low velocity, consuming low volumes of compressed air.

Clyde's pneumatic injection solutions have been used to inject an array of materials such as concentrates, ores, mattes, white metal, silica, coal, dusts, reverts, other additivies, alumina, fluorides, cryolite and recycled scraps including electronic materials into the heart of non-ferrous metal production processes. It is vitally important to the performance of a process that a consistent stable and smooth feed of material is accomplished so that processes can be stabilised allowing superior levels of production returns to be attained.



CMH has developed a unique copper concentrate handling and injection system that can significantly enhance the output from a copper smelting process. This solution can be utilised on a bath or flash smelter, blast or flash furnace, flash converter, Noranda converter, Codelco CT converter, Pierce Smith converter, and other secondary processes for conveying or injecting dusts, additives, coal and other carbons, fuels or fluxes.

Clyde's solutions have the ability to transport copper concentrate, or any other substances associated with the smelting process, in an unrestricted, controlled and continuous manner at low velocity, consuming low volumes of compressed air. The result is the creation of a solution that absorbs a minimal amount power, causes less wear on system components and pipelines, and therefore, reduces maintenance costs and increases system availability, reliability and production.

Clyde's 'Clyde Built' solutions have a proven track record in generating rapid returns within the copper industry and offers the following benefits to its clients:


  • Sustainable economic advantages
  • Increased system availability - Clyde solutions have provided 15 days more
        production per annum
  • Greater accurate concentrate feed control +_5% to +_1%
  • Stabilisation of process control
  • Reduced carryover of dust to acid plant and gas cleaning plant
  • Reduced turbulence and refractory wear
  • Decreased dust production potential