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Strip Joining

          Strip Joiner             Strip Joiner

Arcon supplies robustly designed Strip Joiners capable of producing a fast, robust joint in a range of strip materials and thicknesses. 

The die is designed in sections to minimise maintenance and the open die area allows operators excellent vision. The stitch pattern has been engineered to provide maximum strength while minimising the possibility of damage to any rolls throughout the process line. 

Each machine comes complete with hydraulic power unit including pumps, integral oil reservoir, motor, starter and joining die. Alternatively, the hydraulic power unit can be removed should an existing power supply be available.




  • Robust floor-mounted machine
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other alloys
  • Single or double row
  • Multi-segmented long-life die-set allows replacement of individual punch/die sets
  • Good access to die-set from all sides for easy removal
  • 9 second Joining Cycle
  • Maintains pass-line during joining operation
  • Interlocking joint provides maximum strength and minimum impact on rolls
  • Joint clearance allows passing of threading material for increased joint strength
  • Two-handed control for operator safety
  • Designed for integration into process line with external control